Here’s a few of my musical marras that I’ve had the privilege of working with over the years.

Hot Sauce – Kicking out the blues in 2021 with Rich and Timney.

Picturehouse Deluxe – Instrumental Neo-Soul band. Class musicians with tendencies for insane improvisation. We’ve played numerous venues and have a few recordings/videos kicking about.
The Morris Ford Band – Currently working on his debut album. We’ve played the Cluny, Newcastle together and have releases out on streaming services as well as videos on youtube.
The Dave Murray Band – I was honoured to play upright bass on Dave’s album and the launch at Steels Club in 2020. Support on the night was solo acoustic artist Nev Clay (3rd from left) who’s well worth looking up.
The Dirty Knickers – Punk jam band fronted by Sandy Alexander. Guitarist Liam Mulpetre. Pictured here with drummer Nicola Rowbotham.
Switch – Wedding/Party band fronted by Sheridan Locke. From 2014 to 2018 I played hundreds of gigs with dozens of great musicians in this band.
Captain Naughty Fingers – Punky trio from Sunderland. Had a good run of gigs and album launch around 2014/15.
The Nick Gladdish Band – Toured between Scotland and Yorkshire in 2019.
Trip Awake – Songwriting trio. Played Sage Gateshead in 2019. Currently working on EP.
The Lianne Rivers Band – Club band late 2019-early 2020 (I joined on halloween).
Portraits – North East Neo Soul band. Gigged extensively between 2017-2019. Produced an album and a couple of videos.
Switch Mark2 – Wedding/Party band fronted by singer Jess Hynes. I continued with these until late 2019.
King Bee – Great Jazzy Funk band from Newcastle, I depped on bass for them briefly in 2019.
Bernie Christie – From around 2018 I was occasionally summoned to play bass live for the singer/songwriter.
Adams Band – A few of the musicians who contributed to the many jam nights during the DIY years.
Funkelstiltskin – Around 2012 the band operated between the North East and an apple farm in Kent. The music was an improvised jumble of Funk, Rock and Blues.
Dirtnap – Heavy Metal insanity active around 2010-2012.
Tension Head – Grunge jam band around 2009
Fork Tongue – Funk jam band operating around 2008 (I think).
Blind Eye Halo – Thrash metal band gigging around 2008
Dr. Shipman – My first gigging band around 2006ish
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