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In ‘Capital’ Marx establishes an analytical framework in which to dissect the market economy which evolved into the neo-liberal capitalist system we all know and love and hate today. A key feature of this being his ‘General Formula for Capital’, in which Marx outlines the nature of transaction from commodity (C) to money (M), a…

Looks like root notes for me, marra.

Gone and snapped me pinky, ‘aven’t a? Looks like root notes for me, son. A bit rooty goodness for a bit, pal. Nee frills. Proper bass notes them, man. Looks like root notes for me, Jim.

Shannon and the Hot Pearl Sauce

So I’m knocking about listening to this new vocal loopy thing thinking all like, “it’s alreet that like son.” when I hear that investing a year and a bit into selling condiments for a funk-rock band has finally started to pay off with festival invites where I can offload some prime spice onto a captive…

Fuck Them.

If it wasn’t bad enough that that smug fucking clown who runs Spotify was only paying me o.34 bastard pence per play, now he’s investing the money he grifts off musicians on death machines. Fuck them, I’m out. And while I’m on it, fuck Instagram as well. Everyfucker told me I really needed to be…

Gladdish – Album

So last year Gladdish get’s up in me grill and is all like, “put some bass on this ya prick”, and I’m like, “aye gan on then son”. We waggled our fingers about a bit then some air come out his gob that landed on the mic.

Them blues

Just before the lockdown I’d been caught in the desperate grind of function band work, spending what felt like an eternity sat in the back of a van to before lugging huge speakers up dodgy fire escapes to play the same old set for a few quid a night. It was a bit shit to…


A few years back I was necking a few at Bar Loco open mic night when a bloke took to the floor. Unaccompanied, without shoes and through gritted teeth he spat the lyrics to a collection of anti-establishment anthems and obscure folk tunes. So menacing and aggressive was the performance that during the first few…

Brass Monkey – Miracle

A few months back I was driving down a random street looking for somewhere to buy cans and saw Brass Monkey stood on the roof of a house. Not wanting to startle a man at such a height by honking the old car horn I continued about my business and doubled back down the same…

A Christmas Miracle – Trip Awake Single Release

It’s took years but finally on Christmas day the first track from the band that’s not a band will go live on streaming services around the world. You can catch the music video premiere on youtube (produced by Torn Apart TV), featured in this interview in Narc. God bless us, everyone.

Freeze – The Nick Gladdish Band

I feel like my entire musical career has been an endless challenge to do what I can under unfavourable circumstances. So when the pandemic hit I couldn’t believe how many of the bands I played with went into total hibernation, vowing to get back on it when things blew over at some hypothetical moment in…


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