Them blues

Just before the lockdown I’d been caught in the desperate grind of function band work, spending what felt like an eternity sat in the back of a van to before lugging huge speakers up dodgy fire escapes to play the same old set for a few quid a night.

It was a bit shit to go from getting paid badly to getting paid nowt but I was glad of the break as I had some time to chill and reassess my life.

I decided to start working on a new solo project and thought I wasn’t really missing gigging until I got the inevitable call to go back to it.

Gig 1 was depping for the Bullfrogs at Blues and Bourbon in Newcastle. Class blues band in a quality bar, the place was bouncing as we jammed some good old 12 bar.

Gig 2 was with a new trio going by the name of Hot Sauce.

A new project fronted by Rich Gilroy formed to jam out some tasty funk and blues wherever the gravy steams.

We spent a couple of hours in the studio, then out to gig at the Hard Rock Cafe.

Nee stress, just spicy groove soup.

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