2020 so far.

On the 12 January my first solo album ‘DIY‘ was released for online sale and streaming.

The details of this work can be found in this interview with NARC.

Now that I’d joined the online community I decided begin working on album 2 ‘Garage Noise’ in which I hoped to expand on the approaches I’d established in ‘DIY’ and have for 2 months now been releasing a song each week on Spotify and other streaming services.

Alongside this project I continued to work with Morris Ford, Nick Gladdish, Trip Awake and Picturehouse Deluxe as well as contributing to new heavy metal band, ‘True Mirror’.

I had been scraping by financially as a bassist for hire, working with various cover bands and was booked to play the Sage Gateshead International Jazz Festival until Boris Johnson closed the venues. I always knew he had it in for me, I could see it in his eyes.

…And now I have a big fancy website so nobody can say I’m not doing me bit.

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