Trip Awake and the 6 Sisters

For years I’ve wanted to shoot a music video on Copt Hill in Houghton-le-spring, a prehistoric burial mound which was home to a group of beech trees known as the Seven Sisters. These days there are only six.

Finally today I got my Christmas wish as my marras from the band that almost was, Trip Awake agreed to include it as part of the video for our upcoming self titled release.

The song is a rearrangement of Bernie Christie and Simmer Singer‘s composition which inspired the naming of our project.

Our version is a stripped back vocal-vocal-bass affair that displayed the core elements of our little group (we expanded out to include various other musicians on later recordings).

Anyhoo, for many tedious reasons a disbanding occurred and we have agreed to record the songs we had then go our separate ways.

It’s took more time, energy, tension, love and restraint to get to here than I ever would have expected. Tomorrow my hopes and dreams for these songs could disappear again, but tonight I was on Copt Hill, with one of my favourite songs and two of my favourite people as the sun went down.

Small victories.

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